Now In Stock! Glitz & Glam 20th Anniversary Collection

You. Guys. 😱 The Glitz & Glam Collection is almost overwhelming in its gorgeousness. I have honestly loved SO many of our collections in the past, but NONE as much as THIS COLLECTION. Every. Single. Color. IS FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥

As a quick side, how insanely GORGEOUS is the new LipSense tubing?! 😍

GOLDEN ORCHID LIPSENSE – Thus far, this is the biggest mover of the collection, and I can see why. It’s a simply perfect shade of pink with a dramatic golden shift. It hits the light like MAGIC and will be SO PERFECT for Summer. 💗

ULTRA GOLD GLITTER GLOSS – Holy buttery smoothness! This gloss is so smooth, and it applies SO evenly, you forget it’s even a glitter – that is, of course, until you see how bright this baby SHINES! Wowza!! It takes our standard Gold Glitter Gloss and amplifies it by about a thousand. 🌟

METALLIC PLUM LIPSENSE – This MIGHT be the perfect color for my new purple hair. It’s the perfect shade of DEEP violet, mixed with pink metallic glitter and an iridescent finish. It’s GORGEOUS and so vampy without being too extreme. 💜

LAPIS GLITTER SHADOWSENSE – THIS is the blue ShadowSense I’ve been waiting for!! It’s a rich royal blue (SENEBLUE, ladies!) with cobalt and teal and cobalt glitters. The glitters are very fine, so the application is VERY smooth. 💙

PLATINUM GLITTER SHADOWSENSE – This gorgeous silver ShadowSense contains fine multidimensional glitters and is the perfect compliment to this entire collection, as well as all of your day and evening looks. What a versatile shade! 💎

I tried and worked with EVERYTHING today, and I can honestly say – this collection is PURE PERFECTION.