Color of the Day – Blu-J

Today’s featured color is one of my favorite fantasy bold shades – BLU-J! 💙 This dazzling bold blue with an icy-cool shimmer is SO much fun!!

Yes, blue lips are kinda “out of the box”, but don’t let that stop you! Blue is actually a pretty easy fantasy color to incorporate into your wardrobe (it’s really not that far from purples, when you think about it!). The goal is to keep things balanced. So when wearing a BOLD lip like Blu-J, keep the rest of your makeup look super minimal (only if you’re worried about going “over the top”. If you’re like ME, you don’t have such rules, bahaha!)


Blu-J also makes an amazing mixing and layering color, so let the creativity flow! Another fun fact that all my SeneSisters know – Blu-J is basically a dupe for our company’s signature color, “SeneBlue”! You’ll see us ALL wearing SeneBlue for all our in-person events, paired with our signature print – LEOPARD! 🐆💙 #loveit