Halloween Lip Art #6 – Spider Lips

Okay, it’s official… I’ve creeped MYSELF out with this one. 😲  I apologize to my arachnophobes out there!! 🕷


This one was equally as scary to create, if I’m being honest! 😂 Sometimes, the more “simple” ideas can be the most challenging. I actually reworked this look FOUR times today, because I just wasn’t happy 🙈 It was 100% worth it, though – I’m very pleased with the final results! Sometimes it’s just worth the extra effort to feel good about something.


I used Beige Crème LipSense as the base lip and my fave Halloween go-to (have I done a single look without it?!), Black EyeSense to create the spider legs. I chose Rustic Brown ShadowSense for shadowing, and Snow to create highlights. No gloss was used because I wanted to keep the the overall feel more “ghastly” for the PHOTO (seriously, for the ‘gram, ya’ll… I didn’t want my lips to look hydrated! haha!) but Matte gloss is HIGHLY recommended to seal in the look, as well as to keep your lips from getting tacky!