Leopard Lip Art

I’m fighting a little bit of a cold these last few days – thankfully nothing more serious, just a good stuffed nose and head congestion going on. So, while I’m not really feeling the full face looks – I thought it would be a fun day to play with some lip art! 🐆


This leopard print is a little messier than I would have wanted it – but that’s the joy of leopard print! Messy is totally acceptable 😂


I applied a full base of Creamer (which just arrived back into stock, woohoo!) with Gold Bar and Chocolate Copper layered on top for the base of the spots. Next, I used Black liquid EyeSense to draw the spots on – so easy! I used Glossy Gloss to seal the entire look in – no extra dry time required!


I just LOVE how this turned out!! 🐆🐆🐆