St. Patrick’s Day Nails II!

Another fun mix and match, close-to-St. Patrick’s Day mani with Dashing Diva USA! 💅 I used a mix of leftover strips from last round’s “Here to Paddy”, with “Slime Lime” Gloss Color strips, (I need to get more of these! I’m geeking over this color!) – and I just LOVE the fun, funky results! 🍀

I have to say, I’ve been using Dashing Diva for quite a few months now – and my natural nails have never looked healthier. 🙌 In my opinion, they are the best designed palettes for nail strips, and a more durable strip than its competitors. I’m consistently impressed with how EASY they are – both to apply and remove. I never would have thought I would be able to grow long, healthy nails – but DD allows me to keep my natural nail safe and protected, and the consistent use of nail oil has made them SO much stronger! 👏


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