Welcome Duochrome Lips!

🎶 Guess who’s back, back again… 🎶


You guys!!! I’m BAAAAAAAACK! Today I am SO excited to be able to share the gorgeous Duochrome LipSense Collection with you all!! This insanely beautiful set came out just as we were leaving for California, and I’ve been DYING to shoot it ever since! I am so happy to be settled (enough) in our new place to begin working again!!




I’ll be doing my best to catch up on EVERYTHING as soon as possible, but please be patient with me – we are still unpacking and getting the house ready, too!



Out of curiosity, what is your preference of what I should be shooting next? Should I be focusing on lips first, then shadows – or should I go one collection at a time, as they were released? 🤔 I’d love to hear your feedback! Also, tube images will be coming later, as I still have to unpack and set up my studio lights. I’ll also be working on swatch comparisons as soon as I can!



As for inventory and shipping – HALF of my inventory is still in Ohio. We left it with our good friends because it all didn’t end up fitting in our truck. I should have my hands on it again soon, but it may be a few more weeks. I DO have limited supply of RECENT collections in stock and available to ship – but it may be easier to keep shopping my website for the time being. PLUS, there are some AMAZING promotions available right now through the website ONLY – like a FREE Silk Primer and Collagen Night Pak when you spend $150+! Ya’ll don’t want to miss out on that!





As always, I’m here to help if you have ANY questions at all!



I am SO EXCITED to be “back”, you guys! I missed you all, and this business SO MUCH. I feel REINVIGORATED in my new state of California and I am READY to get back to all the FUN!