Miss USA: Selling Out FAST!

Let’s play a game of good news/meh news! 😆 (Don’t worry, there’s more GOOD than MEH!)


🥳 GOOD NEWS – Miss USA Collection Duos have officially arrived into stock! YAY! These are absolutely stunning in person! It’s also been determined this shade is a 100% DUPE for the infamous Charlotte Tilbury “Pillow Talk”, so it’s easy to see why the excitement is SO REAL for it!


😧 MEH NEWS – ALL Collections have been claimed – both in stock, and on the way in my second wave of orders. Right now, it’s totally sold out with corporate, meaning I can’t order any more into my inventory – YET.


🥳 GOOD NEWS – There is ONE MORE release expected from corporate of this set! So, I have a preorder list started – I can add your name and invoice you as soon as I’m able to secure you a set. I just need to know if you want to claim one ASAP, so I can be sure to grab you one (or more!)


🥳 GOOD NEWS – ALL first wave preorders shipped today! As always, my customers orders come first! So I spent the majority of today packaging and shipping to make sure these gorgeous sets get in your hands ASAP! Check out my stories to see all the fun goodies that shipped today!


😧 MEH NEWS – Packing and shipping took so long I wasn’t able to take lip pics just yet! 😆 Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing pics tomorrow! I can’t wait to get these on my lips!