Welcome… The Intense Hues Lippies!

I’m SO excited to finally share the lip colors of the Intense Hues Collection with you all!

These colors ARE Intense – and oh so gorgeous! Midnight Muse is a returning favorite of mine, and both Ocean Gem and Majestic Purple are both catching my eye as new additions to my Fall favorites list! 🙌

Ocean Gem really took me by surprise! I wasn’t expecting to be as flattering as it is – I really LOVE it! 🤤

I love that Majestic Purple is a true, deep, ROYAL purple. 👑 It’s simply stunning – and it doesn’t hurt that its a great match for my hair, too 😘

Midnight Muse is the perfect completion to this gorgeous trio of colors. I’ve been meaning to re-shoot this color solo for a while now – I’m SO happy that I did. I never really caught the gorgeous depth of this color before – it’s truly special!! 🤩

As a side note, I’m wearing Americano & Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense on my eyes, with Starry Sky EyeSense for my upper liner and Purple EyeSense Pencil in my waterline. On my upper lashes I’m wearing Black LashSense, and on my bottom – the new Regal Plum. I REALLY LOVE how I got the best of both worlds using two mascara colors today – the dramatic black I’m used to on my upper lashes, with a fun pop of color on my lower lashes!! This is a great way to try the coordinating LashSense colors from the Intense Hues Collection in a more subtle and wearable way!

Welcome… The Intense Hues Collection!


I had a lot of fun swatching this gorgeous collection today!


👁 Deep Cobalt LashSense – This vibrant blue mascara is rich in color and so stunning. It will also make the whites in your eyes pop, making you look more rested! Try blue mascara for grey, brown, or light green eyes…or just to make a statement!

💋 Midnight Muse LipSense – One of my favorite blues! A deep navy with a matte finish, this lip color is unique without being too bold – such a fun Fall statement!


👁 Jewel Jade LashSense – This deep teal aqua LashSense mascara is such a fun pop of color! Green tones look amazing with brown and hazel eyes, or anyone looking to draw attention to their eyes! Alternatively, apply Black or Brown LashSense first, and then Jewel Jade to the tips of your lashes for a flick of color without being too bold!

💋 Ocean Gem LipSense – I’m absolutely LOVING this deep teal lip color, and its matte finish. This color is SO on trend for this season, and I can’t wait to wear it!!


👁 Regal Plum LashSense – This earthy plum is definitely the most wearable and natural-looking of the Intense Hues Collection. Purple mascaras look especially gorgeous with a variety of eye colors, from brown, green, hazel to blue. If you’re curious about tinted mascara but you’re not sure where to start – look here!

💋 Majestic Purple LipSense – This stunning royal purple is so special! It’s matte finish gives it a clean and modern look, while it’s quite a bit deeper and vampier than any purple we have currently!

Colors are available as duo sets that include a FREE matching organza bag, and also available individually! Comment below, message me, or text the word ORDER to 937-249-0863 to claim your faves today! 💋

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