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California Dreamin’ ShadowSense® Collection (Limited Edition)


The light, breezy hues you’ve been daydreaming of have arrived. ☀️ The new, limited edition California Dreamin’ ShadowSense® Collection includes three new shades inspired by gorgeous California landscapes. From the beautiful colors of the serene deserts to the dazzling tones of the sparkling seas, this collection transports you right to our favorite parts of the Golden State. No plane ticket needed!




The collection includes:
☀️ New! Desert Rose: An earthy, neutral-to-cool mauve color with a semi-matte finish.
☀️ New! Sunbaked Shimmer: A pink mauve with a gorgeous shimmer.
☀️ New! Sea Breeze Shimmer: A lighter-than-air mint color with a shimmer texture.

  • Colors sold individually and as a collection.
  • Purchase the collection to receive a FREE Mint Glitter Bag. Please note, if Mint Glitter Bag is unavailable at time of purchase, a bag substitution may occur.