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IMG_8473ChampagneShimmer-eye01ChampagneShimmer-eye02RadiantGoldGlitter-eye01RadiantGoldGlitter-eye02ChampagneShimmer-3collageRadiantGoldGlitter-3collageChampagneShimmer-swatchRadiantGoldGlitter-swatchChampagne-Shimmer-ShadowSenseIMG_8474IMG_8475IMG_8476Radiant-Gold-Glitter-ShadowSenseIMG_8477IMG_8478IMG_8479Golden-Shimmer-EyeSense-PencilIMG_8480IMG_8481IMG_8482Golden Lights Collection with Bag

Golden Lights Eyes Collection


Keep the glow going! 😍 The Golden Lights Eyes Collection features TWO dazzling limited edition ShadowSense® shades and one shimmering EyeSense® pencil that add just the right amount of sparkle to any holiday makeup look. 💫🙌🏼

The collection includes:

✨ New! Champagne Shimmer ShadowSense: A soft, metallic champagne gold shade.

✨ New! Radiant Gold Glitter ShadowSense: A sparkly, bright gold.

Golden Shimmer EyeSense Pencil: A long-lasting, shimmering gold eyeliner.

Purchase the collection to receive a FREE Champagne Glitter Bag.  Colors sold individually and as a collection.