LipSense® Tahitian Pearl Collection (Limited Edition)


The NEW limited edition LipSense® Tahitian Pearl Collection will transport you to PARADISE during this cool Autumn season! 🌴Inspired by the multi-dimensional, iridescent finish of exotic Tahitian Pearls, these metallic, shimmering shades deliver a LUSTROUS lip look. Each shade is inspired by a real Tahitian Pearl gem color!! 😍


 NEW! Chocolate Copper LipSense: A warm, glowing copper.

 NEW! Silver Luster LipSense: A metallic, silvery shade with stunning sparkle.

 NEW! Peacock Pearl LipSense: A soft berry color with blue and violet glitter.

 NEW! Tahitian Pearl Gloss: A lightly mauve tinted gloss with green, violet, and blue glitter.

 Ooops!™ Remover

Top any Tahitian Pearl Collection shade with this gloss for the PERFECT pearl effect! (Check out how GORGEOUS Tahitian Pearl is over the rest of the colors in the collection at the end of this post!)

Grab the collection and receive a FREE Silver Pearl Organza bag with your purchase!! Colors and gloss are also sold individually.

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