COTD – Candy Cane Girl


I couldn’t let the opportunity of December and Christmas pass me by – I had to dive into some fun holiday makeup art!

I decided to start with these sweet and simple candy canes! I would prefer to have used a more precise brush set to get a more defined line, but you have to work with what you got, right?!

I’m wearing a base layer of Candlelight and Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense, with a bit of Moca Java Shimmer in my crease. To create my candy canes, I used Snow and an angled liner brush to draw in a thick white cat eye. I applied some Cherry BlushSense on my lower lash line using a shadow brush to make it a more smudged line, rather than defined. I then applied the same Cherry BlushSense evenly on top of the snow in “candy cane”-esque lines.

I went over the lines again with Fly Girl LipSense and a tiny brush, allowing the Cherry to dry underneath. I added the extra layer because the Cherry on top of the Snow was creating more of a pink tone, and the Fly Girl added that red “pop” back in.

I finished off my eyes by carefully drawing Onyx ShadowSense on my upper and lower waterline using the tip of the applicator brush and applying in short, small strokes.

On my lips, I went with the simple and classic combination of Fly Girl LipSense topped with Diamond Kiss Gloss.

What a FUN and gorgeous combo for the holidays! ?