GRWM – Sugar Plum Fairy


I’m feeling those holiday vibes pretty much every day from here to Christmas!

For today’s GRWM, I asked my Insta Story viewers for some advice – and they came through! (As a side note, if you aren’t already following me on Instagram, you’re missing out!). They wanted to see a Glam Holiday look, with bold/dark colors and curly hair! Well ladies, your wish is my command!

I first must apologize for my scary bare face! The winter weather has hit my face hard and I’m out of my two most needed go-to’s, Nangai Oil and Climate Control. When I woke up this morning my face was SCREAMING for moisture – I’m red and super dry and basically, I CAN’T WAIT for my replacements to arrive in the mail. Daytime Moisturizer is helping, but I doubled up today and mixed in my CCTM with my foundation for some added moisture.

I’m so thrilled about this gorgeous LipSense combination! I wanted to see what two of my favorite colors, Plum and Plum Pretty would look like when mixed together, and I really am NOT disappointed! I’m obsessed with this double dose of plum gorgeousness!

Here’s everything that I used to create this warm winter look!

? Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer
? Light Concealer
? MakeSense Dewy
? Medium Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer
? Candlelight ShadowSense
? Light Concealer
? Cherry BlushSense
? Garnet ShadowSense
? Onyx ShadowSense
? Gilded Shimmer EyeSense
? Starry Sky Shimmer EyeSense
? Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense
? Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense
? Moca Java ShadowSense
? Chocolate Cherry BlushSense
? Terra Cotta BlushSense
? Black LashSense with UnderSense (lashes)
? Plum & Plum Pretty LipSense (Mixed 1:1 ratio)
? Diamond Kiss Gloss & Gold Glitter Gloss (apply Glossy first and let soak in for 5-10 minutes before applying Diamond/Glitter Kisses)

? Music by audionautix

Comment below or message me if you’re curious about ANY of these products! ?