NEW! Carnival Collection!

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! The CARNIVAL COLLECTION is here! 🎪 ::cue carnival music::

With FOUR NEW limited edition shades of LipSense® inspired by the fun had by all at a carnival, this collection is the PERFECT sweet treat for Summer! 🍧

Each gorgeous shade features unique finishes – ranging from a subtle pearl to the BOLDEST glitter!

💗 New! BUBBLEGUM GLITTER – a vibrant pink shade with shimmering pink glitter

💚 New! CANDY APPLE GREEN – a bold emerald with a metallic finish

🍊 New! ORANGE SODA – a sheer, bright orange with a subtle pearl finish

💙 New! SNOW CONE – a fabulous turquoise with dramatic duo chrome turquoise/violet glitter

Purchase the collection as a set to receive a FREE green mesh cosmetics bag! Colors sold individually and as a collection.