Winged Eyeliner 101

I get asked ALL THE TIME about my ÔÇťsignatureÔÇŁ winged eyeliner technique – so I thought this fun little tutorial might be helpful! ­čĹü

This is my GO-TO method of applying eyeliner on the daily! HereÔÇÖs some additional tips, too!

­čö«┬áUse short strokes rather than long sweeping lines for a more precise application┬á­čÖî
­čö«┬áLiquid Liner will produce the most crisp and sharp lines, but an eyeliner pencil/crayon may be easier to start with┬á­čĺí
­čö«┬áDonÔÇÖt be afraid to mess up – thatÔÇÖs what Q-tips and makeup remover are for!
­čö«┬áUse Scotch tape on your wing to create a super crisp line! Connect tape from your outer corner to the tail end of your brow and follow this eyeliner guide. Remove the tape when finished and youÔÇÖll have a PERFECTLY sharp wing!┬á­čŚí
­čö«┬áBe patient with yourself! Eyeliner is a skill learned only with practice!

Happy winging, ladies!