Winged Eyeliner 101

I get asked ALL THE TIME about my “signature” winged eyeliner technique – so I thought this fun little tutorial might be helpful! 👁

This is my GO-TO method of applying eyeliner on the daily! Here’s some additional tips, too!

🔮 Use short strokes rather than long sweeping lines for a more precise application 🙌
🔮 Liquid Liner will produce the most crisp and sharp lines, but an eyeliner pencil/crayon may be easier to start with 💡
🔮 Don’t be afraid to mess up – that’s what Q-tips and makeup remover are for!
🔮 Use Scotch tape on your wing to create a super crisp line! Connect tape from your outer corner to the tail end of your brow and follow this eyeliner guide. Remove the tape when finished and you’ll have a PERFECTLY sharp wing! 🗡
🔮 Be patient with yourself! Eyeliner is a skill learned only with practice!

Happy winging, ladies!

Eyeshadow Placement 101

If there’s one lesson I’d like to implement into the minds of everyone out there – it’s that makeup does NOT need to be scary. You just need the right tools! 🎉

With my daily MOTD looks, I always call out the placement of all the shadows I use, but sometimes there is some confusion about where and what those locations are. So, I created this super helpful graphic to better clarify – for us all! 🙌

NOTE: Some of my previous MOTD look descriptions may not match this chart 100%! I’ve used some variance in the past of what each area is specifically called – yes, I’m still learning, too! But I will be referring to this for ALL future looks – so definitely SAVE THIS for future reference! 📌

These are UNIVERSAL terms so it should help you better understand shadow tutorials from EVERYWHERE – not just me! 😘

And while RuLeS aRe MaDe To bE bRoKeN… here are some extra shadow tips and tricks that I like to stick with!

👁 I LOVE using a Shimmer or Glitter ShadowSense on my highlight and inner corner! It can really liven up a look and add a small touch of glam.
👁 I prefer sticking to Matte ShadowSense colors in my crease – but I don’t always follow this rule, either!
👁 I often times refer to the lid in THREE parts – Inner, Main and Outer, for added dimension and variety in a look
👁 Do NOT be afraid to play with your makeup! Have FUN and keep makeup wipes and Q-tips handy for mistakes. (We ALL make them, at EVERY level!)
👁 Experiment with a variety of brushes as well as your finger tips for application! Find what works best for YOU – this may evolve over time! Keep playing and trying new things!

I hope you all find this helpful! Comment below if you’ve been liking my instructional graphics, and which ones you want to see NEXT! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Contouring 101

Does CONTOURING completely freak you out?! 😱😰

It’s a trend that seems to be sticking around – and it can help your face look more dimensional and defined. And no – it DOESN’T need to be scary! 🙌

I created this helpful guide as an intro to the basics of contouring! After you’ve applied your favorite foundation, use this chart to determine the best locations to apply your highlight, contour and blush. 🗺

✨ HIGHLIGHT – Accentuate your features by applying a highlight where the light naturally hits your face. Recommended Products: White & Light Concealer, Candlelight, Sandstone Pearl, & Snow ShadowSense.

✨ CONTOUR – Shading specific areas will add a flattering depth and dimension to your face. Recommended Products: Bronze Dust Translucid Powder, Deep Concealer, Deep CCTM, Moca, Garnet or Rustic Brown ShadowSense

✨ BLUSH – Apply a touch of pink to the apples of the cheeks for brightness and a kiss of color. Recommended Products: BlushSense, ShadowSense & Silver Rose Translucent Powder

Define & Love Your Brows!

Your face is a literal work of ART, and your eyebrows are it’s magical frame. When brows are finished correctly, they can make you appear more rested and youthful, and will 100% complete your makeup look – whether minimal or glam.

Brows in need of some maintenance? Maybe they got lost somewhere in the middle of the 90s, and you haven’t seen them since? 😂🙌

I created this helpful guide to show you the BEST way to find your own natural brow shape. Go grab a thin makeup brush (or a pencil works, too!) and follow these steps. Then fill your newly-defined shape using the product of your choice! 💃

I prefer ShadowSense for my brows since I have a lot of natural hair in my brow, I just need to fill in and define the shape – so ShadowSense with a flat brow brush works perfectly! If you have more sparse brows and want to create more hair-like strokes, then you will like the BrowSense formula!

💡My personal FAVORITE for my brows (even with purple hair!) is Rustic Brown ShadowSense.

Here are some other great options and their recommended hair color match! ➡️

▪️Moca Java ShadowSense – (Blonde/Light Brown)
▪️Smoked Topaz ShadowSense – (Blonde/Brown/Gray)
▪️Garnet ShadowSense – (Auburn/Red/Brown)
▪️Rustic Brown ShadowSense – (Dark Brown/Black)
▪️Onyx ShadowSense – (Black)
▪️BrowSense – Available in Auburn, Dark, Light & Taupe
▪️EyeSense Eye Liner Pencils – (Black/ Brown)

But I mean… I may HAVE to try purple brows one day. 💜😆

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