Lip Colors of The Day – Bravo & Cappuccino

I’m so excited so share these TWO additions to my permanent line project… Bravo and Cappuccino! These two have always been “sister” shades in my mind, so it just made sense for me to shoot them together!

These are both super light shades – Bravo has a matte finish, while Cappuccino is SO sparkly! ✨ I really love to mix and layer with both of these shades, and they are so popular to wear in the Summer! 😎

Bravo is, admittedly, one of the most difficult colors to apply in the LipSense line. It’s NO secret – this color is tough! If you’re just starting with LipSense, I will absolutely suggest you to try a different color – first. It’s not impossible by any means, it just needs some “tricks” to allow the formula to work best. It’s a little on the thick side, so to ensure a perfect finish, here are my tips! 🔥

1) SHAKE the tube. For way longer than you’d normally shake. You REALLY want the formula to be fully mixed up, so shake it up for a good minute or so. (Work those arms! haha!)

2) Apply in VERY thin layers with lips spread taut, to avoid any wrinkles in the lips. I’d rather see you apply 4 SUPER thin layers than 3 thick ones. Your last layer can be on the thicker side. You want a smooth surface to apply the color to as much as possible!

3) Only move in ONE direction on each layer. This is the golden rule for LipSense in general, but even more so for a tricky color like Bravo. Don’t go over any color until it is fully dry, even if it looks patchy in the middle of your layers.

4) Wait until FULLY dry before glossing. Dry apply gloss first to avoid pulling up any color. Gloss liberally (you can blot it down once the color is set in). I recommend glossing with Glossy first, then using a specialty gloss if desired.