Fresh Baked Shadow Goodness!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the pure GORGEOUSNESS that is the Fresh Baked ShadowSense Collection?! These amazing hues are SO lovely on, I am just blown away!! 🤩
I’m most surprised with Smoked Spice Shimmer. So many of you had been questioning its similarity to Brownstone Shimmer, and WOW – it is way different! Smoked Spice is a true icy mauve and it is so special!! 🚨 Expect this one to sell out first!!
Buttercream will work beautifully as a base for ALL your holiday looks, and as a highlight! I can’t get over how rich and deep Brown Sugar Shimmer is, too!! I can’t wait to start creating looks using these PERFECT shades! 🙌
Comparison swatches will be coming tomorrow! 😘