Introducing… The Elements Collection

Earth 🌎 , wind 💨 , fire 🔥 , water 💦 ! By our powers combined, we are…. The ELEMENTS COLLECTION! 👏🏼


This gorgeous set has me completely AWE-STRUCK you guys! I am absolutely IN LOVE with this collection of LipSense AND ShadowSense! 😍


We’re in Our Element 🌎

🌎 Earth LipSense® – Matte earthy pink.

💨 Wind Shimmer ShadowSense® – Shimmering white/gold shift.

💦 Water Gloss – Glassy, clear gloss with a subtle iridescent sparkle.

🔥 Fire LipSense – Matte, deep burnt red.

🌟 Space Shimmer ShadowSense – Shimmering deep bronze-brown.





Colors are sold individually and as a collection. Grab the collection to receive a FREE Elements Crystal Cosmetics Bag & FREE Ooops! Remover! 🎁



Grab your Elements HERE!