The Power of Manifestation

The power of manifestation is REAL, you guys. If there’s one thing this epic journey has taught us, it’s that.


We have been blessed numerous times during our trip, and have seen things happen that are just unexplainable – little signs showing, in our hearts, that we were making the right move.


Ryan and I envisioned this journey for years, getting our proverbial ducks in a row before finally deciding to make the biggest move of our lives four months ago. It was definitely scary to leave our comfortable Ohio home, friends and of course family. It was all we had both ever known.


But what was scarier to me was NOT chasing our dream. Waking up ten years later in the same home, never have chased after what’ve knew our hearts truly wanted – to be on the West Coast. 🌴


Three months prior to naming our final decision to list, we had called to check pricing on moving PODs. You know, a basic “what can we expect to pay down the road” call. We ended up securing a date just to hold the “early bird” pricing – and the day we randomly picked actually ended up being our Ohio home closing date!


We asked for a specific type of buyer for our home, the exact type of person we thought would love it the way we did. And he arrived – just as we envisioned.


We had a mental check list for our new home in California. Things that would make us comfortable and happy – despite the ever shrinking and competitive availability of homes we were looking at. And then one day, the perfect place appeared – and we were approved. 🙌🏼 Signs like these just CAN’T been ignored.


It’s important not only to verbally ASK for your dreams – but to work hard towards them, and most importantly, RECOGNIZE the divine blessings as they come. 🙌🏼 To be thankful, and speak your gratitude loud and clear. 🗣


Today, after months of hard work, high emotions and even higher goal setting – we are settling into our beautiful new home and having our furniture moved in! 📦 (if you have been following my stories, you know I’m more than ready for a real bed again!)


So I guess what I came here to say is – never give up, guys. No matter how scary the journey may seem, they (and you) are WORTH it!!