3D Spider Halloween Look

I wanted to do a throw back to the infamous 3D spider lip art I did a few years ago, and expand the idea to my whole face. It’s SO creepy – and I’m kinda living for it! 🕷️ I don’t do a lot of blood and gore, but this effect is just too cool. 👏🏼




Products Used:
Silk Primer
White Concealer (under eyes)
Candlelight SS (under eyes)
Medium-Deep CCTM
Onyx Glitter SS (all over shadow)
Charcoal Shimmer SS (eye inner corner)
Rust SS (eye contour)
Black Liquid EyeSense (spider detail)
Rustic Brown SS (spider shadow)
Snow SS (spider highlight)
Beige Creme & Diva LipSense
Satin Matte Gloss