MOTD – Mirage Berry

Okay, it’s official – I can’t stop mixing with Mirage. WOW, this color, you guys. The sparkle is just insane and translates beautifully into ANY mix. I’ve been dying to mix it with Blackberry for about a week now, and I finally gave into the urge today. THIS MIX, YA’LL. I’m ob-sessed! This is SUCH a gorgeous and vampy mix with SO much sparkle. To vary the finish up a bit, I wore it with Matte Gloss – but I can see SO many amazing Gloss additions to this look!

On the eyes, I wanted to share a more subtle look featuring a bold color from the Rainbow SS Collection. I’ve been enjoying the colors in all their bold glory, but I also wanted to show how truly versatile they are for every day! In this neutral smoky look, I used Rose Gold Glitter ShadowSense on my main lid, Rustic Brown on my outer corner, and Red ShadowSense in my crease. I absolutely LOVE this shadow trio!!

As a side note, on my stories today I asked for opinions once again on my hair! I was debating whether or not to replenish the purple in my hair – I typically do with every shower, using a color depositing hair mask my stylist mixed for me. It REALLY helps keep the color completely fresh, but I have been feeling like letting it fade – just a bit – to a more subtle, perhaps pastel, purple color. It was a close call with the votes on my stories – but they leaned towards letting it go more pastel. So, when I washed today – I did not replenish my purple! It’s hard to tell – the color is still very bright – but it has toned down just a touch, and I really love it. (I half expected it ALL to come out, so I’m happy!) I probably won’t let it fade TOO far – but it’s fun to play with the vibrancy for sure!

Here’s everything I used for this look!

💋 Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer
💋 Medium CCTM, Pearlizer & Medium Concealer, mixed, as foundation
💋 Deep CCTM as contour
💋 Bronze & Terra Cotta BlushSense
💋Medium Concealer on Blemishes
💋 White/Medium Concealers under eyes
💋 Candlelight as eyeshadow base & under eyes
💋 Rose Gold Glitter, Rustic Brown, Red & Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense on eyes
💋 Golden Shimmer EyeSense pencil on inner corner
💋 Black EyeSense pencil on waterline
💋 Starry Sky EyeSense as eyeliner
💋 Rustic Brown ShadowSense on brows
💋 Black LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara (Regular & Waterproof formulas layered)
💋 Mirage & Blackberry LipSense, mixed 8:1
💋 Matte Gloss
💋 Ardell Glamour Lashes

MOTD – Cow Print


This look was inspired by the amazing Sophie Hannah! She has the most inspiring feed and she’s so very talented – definitely give her a follow! She was inspired by the equally as amazing @rei.lilith, so she gets the original credit for this super fun idea.

And yes – it’s totally extra. But it’s perfect for a fun and playful look, or even festival season and events – cow print is IN, ladies! Have fun with it!

I used Snow ShadowSense as the base for my print, and Starry Sky EyeSense as my spots and to outline the wing (this was the hardest part! I had Q-tips on hand!)

I also found out during the creation of this look that Pink Berry BlushSense mixed with Oasis Glitter ShadowSense makes a magical purple paradise. It’s insane how gorgeous this color is up close. I used the mix on my lower liner. But then – I took it one amazing step further.

I took my remaining Pink Berry/Oasis purple mix and added a full pump of Pearlizer and mixed thoroughly. WOWZA. This made an insanely beautiful highlight mix (I’m making myself a note to grab a good pic of this mix alone tomorrow – because it NEEDS to be seen) – I used a highlight brush to add the mix to my brow bone, the main lid area of my eyes (carefully, the liner was already done and I wasn’t trying to get TOO CLOSE to that line haha), my cupid’s bow, and of course, the top of my cheeks. This highlight is INSANELY beautiful, you guys.

On my lips, I chose Lilac Lacquer to closely match my lower liner (it was a very close match!) and topped with Matte Gloss for a more modern finish.

Here’s everything I used for this look!

💋 Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer
💋 Medium CCTM all over face
💋 Deep CCTM as contour
💋 Bronze & Terra Cotta BlushSense on cheeks
💋 White/Medium Concealers on Blemishes
💋 White/Medium Concealers under eyes
💋 Candlelight as eyeshadow base & under eyes
💋 Pink Berry BlushSense + Oasis Glitter ShadowSense mixed 1:1 as lower eyeliner
💋 Pink Berry + Oasis Glitter + Pearlizer added in for highlight and main lid
💋 Snow ShadowSense & Starry Sky EyeSense for cow print winged liner
💋 Moca Java ShadowSense as transition
💋 Rustic Brown ShadowSense on brows
💋 Black LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara (Regular & Waterproof formulas layered)
💋 Lilac Lacquer LipSense
💋 Matte Gloss
💋 Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes



I had SO much fun with this look yesterday!! I mixed a LOT of products – from my eyeshadow cut crease, to my lips, and even my blush!

I took a little more time on this look than average, but that’s just because I’m having SO MUCH FUN playing!

It also took a while to edit this baby – which is why it took a little while to get it uploaded today!

Here’s everything I wore yesterday!

💋 Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer
💋 Light Concealer (blemishes)
💋 Medium Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer & Cafe au Lait MakeSense, mixed
💋 Chocolate Cherry BlushSense
💋 Moca Java ShadowSense (contour)
💋 Candlelight ShadowSense
💋 Pink Posey, Mulberry, Copper Rose Shimmer, & Sandstone Pearl Shimmer (above crease)
💋 Rose Gold Shimmer and Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, mixed (cut crease)
💋 Onyx ShadowSense & Starry Sky EyeSense (eyeliner)
💋 Garnet ShadowSense (brows)
💋 Black LashSense with UnderSense (lashes)
💋 Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense, Pouty Pink & Terra Cotta BlushSense, mixed (cheeks)
💋 Plum & Purple Reign LipSense, mixed 1:1
💋 Matte Gloss (applied Glossy first to seal in color, let soak in, and apply Matte)
💋 Ardell Lashes #105

Makeup Brushes by: Real Techniques & from Wish

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