Doge Day 420 NFT

You guys! I did it! I created my VERY 1st #NFT! In celebration of #DOGEDAY today, which is celebrating the HUGE success of #dogecoin in recent weeks, I wanted to create this super fun coin-inspired lip. And then – it hit me, what better day to create my FIRST NFT?!


If you’re not familiar, NFT’s are a very exciting new aspect of the cryptocurrency world – something that I’ve recently been nerd-diving in to 😂 It can be a super overwhelming world at first, but don’t worry – I’ll give you the quick lesson!


NFT’s, or “nonfungible tokens”, prove *ownership* of a digital item – image, sound file, video or text – in the same way that people own crypto coins. Yes – you can actually OWN an “edition” of this very piece of art!


How is that different than simply saving the image to your phone? Well, in the same way that taking a picture of the Mona Lisa doesn’t mean you own it, either. It’s all about digital ownership, and it’s a fun way to interact with the artists you love the most! You *own* the art (non watermarked, of course), and you can actually resell it down the road for a profit, if you’d like.




I fully admit – I’m brand new to this space. But I’m super eager to see what possibilities it brings and how it inspires me in the future.


PS – Doge was Photoshopped in post-editing. I thought it made the perfect addition to the look, but I wanted to be clear that I did NOT freehand the shibu inu. LOL