Contouring 101

Does CONTOURING completely freak you out?! 😱😰

It’s a trend that seems to be sticking around – and it can help your face look more dimensional and defined. And no – it DOESN’T need to be scary! 🙌

I created this helpful guide as an intro to the basics of contouring! After you’ve applied your favorite foundation, use this chart to determine the best locations to apply your highlight, contour and blush. 🗺

✨ HIGHLIGHT – Accentuate your features by applying a highlight where the light naturally hits your face. Recommended Products: White & Light Concealer, Candlelight, Sandstone Pearl, & Snow ShadowSense.

✨ CONTOUR – Shading specific areas will add a flattering depth and dimension to your face. Recommended Products: Bronze Dust Translucid Powder, Deep Concealer, Deep CCTM, Moca, Garnet or Rustic Brown ShadowSense

✨ BLUSH – Apply a touch of pink to the apples of the cheeks for brightness and a kiss of color. Recommended Products: BlushSense, ShadowSense & Silver Rose Translucent Powder