Nude Espresso Lip Mix

Oooh, I’m FINALLY posting a new look!! 🥳👏 Between world events and a loss in our family due to COVID, it’s been a stressful 2021 – already. I’ve been taking the time I need to just rest and relax my heart, so things have been a little on the quiet side around here.



But I can’t sit around forever. In fact, it makes me feel a LOT better to get moving and productive again. It felt AMAZING today to get back into the swing of things, and play with this gorgeous chocolate-toned look! 🤩



Nude Honey, one of the most popular colors of last year, was recently released as part of the PERMANENT LipSense Collection – and I know SO MANY of you are SO excited!! Today I mixed it with gorgeous Espresso, and topped the look off with Sparkling Champagne Gloss. I absolutely adore this rich brown color! 😍