NailExtend is BACK!

Oh my gosh you guys – one of my FAVORITE MUST-HAVE nail products 💅🏼 is BACK – but for a limited time only!


NailExtend is a POWERHOUSE for maintaining the appearance of healthy, natural nails – it’s made SUCH a difference in mine! 👏🏼 You all know I was a lover of gel/acrylic nails for years, despite the long-lasting damage they can cause nails. Once quarantine hit, I decided (okay was forced to 🤣) make a change. I started using NailExtend to help with the damage those years of damage had caused, and after a few weeks of use I was already impressed with the results ‼️

Here we are a year later – my nails are natural, long, smooth, healthy and STRONG. 💪🏼 My supply of NailExtend has been running low since the holidays, so I’ve been using it very sparingly to keep up the goodness as long as possible 🙈


I’m so THRILLED it’s back – even for only a limited time. I’m 💯% STOCKING UP, you guys 😂




Message me, or text the word ORDER to 937-249-0863 to claim yours today!!