Dashing Diva “Femme & Fierce”

Just FYI – If you do your own nails while living on the road, it’s highly recommended you use the nicely tiled Airbnb shower to take a picture of them when you’re done 😆🙌🏼


I used “Femme & Fierce” from Dashing Diva today, and I’m LOVING this set 🤩 I really appreciate the small luxuries these days, as we take this time to explore the California coast looking for our new hometown! 🥰🏝




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▪️ Dashing Diva
▪️ Builder Base – Aimeili Gel Polish (Amazon)
▪️ Top Coat – Young Nails (Amazon)
▪️ Nail Oil (Amazon)
▪️ Orange Sticks (Amazon)