New! Tranquil Tides Shadow Collection

The spring looks are endless thanks to the Tranquil Tides ShadowSense Collection!  Enjoy 4 ALL NEW SHADES! These are the shimmering pastels your summer heart is oh-so ready for! 👏🏼


🌊 Tumbled Jade: An earthy jade green with a matte finish.
🌊 Sea Glass Shimmer: An airy sky blue with a soft metallic finish.
🌊 Pink Sand Beach: A creamy light beige-pink with a matte finish.
🌊 Coastal Bluff Shimmer: A delicate shimmering tan with subtle green shimmer.








Colors are sold individually and as a collection! Grab the collection to receive a FREE Royal Blue Bag + FREE SHIPPING when I invoice you for your preorder collection! 🎁





Available only while supplies last! Comment below, message me, or text the word ORDER to 937-249-0863 to claim your faves today! Kiss & Tell customers save 10% on my website, click the SHOP SWAK BEAUTY link 🔗 in my bio to shop now!