Dashing Diva “Street Art”

Shoutout to my “he-has-better-taste-than-he-thinks” hubby Ryan for picking out this super fun Dashing Diva set for my nails! 💅 This gloss palette set is called “Street Art” and the name suits the design so perfectly – I just can’t get enough of looking at those graffiti nails! 🎨


I love that there’s touches of iridescence and glitter with this set, too – you know I have way too much fun looking at my hands when I have a detailed manicure like this! 🤩


As always, I used a builder base gel and top coat to add durability and protection! To remove, I use a bit of nail oil and an orange stick to gently lift – no drill required! 👏



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▪️ Dashing Diva (use code NAILEDIT for 20% OFF your purchase!)
▪️ Builder Base – Aimeili Gel Polish (Amazon)
▪️ Top Coat – Young Nails (Amazon)
▪️ Nail Oil (Amazon)
▪️ Orange Sticks (Amazon)