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LipSense® Gemini Sign Gloss (Limited Edition)


0.25 fl oz / 7.39 mL








Inspired by the zodiac comes the perfect gloss to wear or gift for anyone, especially all the clever Geminis! 🌟💫



Element: Air 🌬️

Symbol: Twin 👯



The ever changing Gemini are full of playful quick-wit, always seeking new information, and in a moment’s notice can switch their course to reveal a different side of their personality. If your Birthday falls between May 21 – June 20, your magnetic, dual-sided nature tends to intrigue and captivate those around you.



Let your ideas flow where they want to in this airy, softly shimmering peach nude. The warm tone designed with a Gemini constellation-themed label evokes the unpredictable excitement and charm of the Gemini. ✨