Boss Smitten Lip Mix

Celebrating those FRI-YAY vibes with this glooooorious mix! I’m actually OB-SESSED with how this came out, you guys. I mixed equal portions of Smitten (from the new Love Potion LipSense® Collection) with Boss (from the new Ultra Intense Matte LipSense® Collection) and topped with Love Potion Gloss (also from the Love Potion set), and WOW – just L👀K at the results!!






It really reminds me of the OG Purple Reign, but with a glittery twist! This mix is definitely my HAPPY PLACE!



I have both sets in stock and ready to ship, so let me know ASAP if I can send them your way! I’m shipping orders today and these sets are going FAST, so don’t hesitate! 🔥🔥🔥