MOTD – Glitz & Glam Collection

HELL-O, Glitz & Glam Collection!! I am so excited about this ENTIRE Collection, I had to break it all out and use it in one day. I have zero patience! 😆

As I shared yesterday, every single product in this collection is AMAZING, and I’m so in love with how all these gorgeous colors work together, and independently! 🙌

Golden Orchid & Metallic Plum are both such gorgeous colors for Spring and Summer. I can see myself grabbing for them ALL the time. Ultra Gold Glitter Gloss makes the perfect topper for both shades (and the rest of your collection) as well as being so luxurious all on its own.

And if that’s not enough to be totally head over heels for, Lapis Glitter and Platinum Glitter ShadowSense are the perfect complimentary shades for the season! They are both gorgeous, rich in color, and buttery smooth in application. I was so excited about how spot on SeneBlue Lapis is that I wore it as eyeliner, too! 💃

Whew! Is that enough pics for you today?! 😂